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[SND]2020 radio interview.mp32022-10-03 21:26 3945k
[SND]Alkadsa.wav2022-06-07 22:42 181133k
FileArtist and Musician's Guide to Mathematics.docx2023-08-21 22:18 18k
FileArtist and Musician's Guide to Mathematics.pdf2023-08-21 22:18 106k
[IMG]benchmark 2.jpg2023-05-22 19:12 275k
FileCollective Mathematical Works.docx2024-03-24 08:24 648k
FileCollective Mathematical Works.pdf2024-03-24 08:24 904k
[CMP]computer alloy proj.zip2023-06-10 00:05 10551k
[IMG]computer schematic.jpg2023-08-01 22:31 359k
[IMG]cubes axioms.jpg2023-06-22 20:35 2338k
[IMG]cubes.png2023-06-22 20:49 97k
[SND]Cudesya.wav2022-10-05 02:31 194841k
[IMG]curves.jpg2022-10-12 22:31 1237k
[IMG]fivesided2.png2023-06-22 22:45 93k
[SND]flaskada.wav2022-12-04 19:15 222661k
FileFriends in Death, Magic and Hexes.docx2023-12-06 17:32 560k
FileFriends in Death, Magic and Hexes.pdf2023-12-06 17:33 478k
[VID]Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar.wmv2022-05-27 22:47 5334k
[CMP]GOAVA release.zip2023-01-01 14:23 7710k
[CMP]GOAVA src.zip2022-08-04 17:28 8k
[CMP]GOAVA.zip2023-01-01 14:23 7709k
[CMP]GOAVA_src.zip2023-01-01 14:19 8k
[IMG]hologram schematic.png2023-08-21 22:17 953k
Filehow to test my particle physics theories.PNG2022-10-21 01:00 45k
[IMG]image.png2022-05-27 22:46 68k
[IMG]img (1).jpg2023-08-21 22:04 10423k
[IMG]img (1).png2023-08-21 22:03 626k
[IMG]img (3).png2023-08-21 22:03 221k
[IMG]img (4).png2023-08-21 22:03 4653k
[IMG]img(2).jpg2023-08-21 22:03 283k
FileIsosceles Triangle Formulas .docx2023-01-16 17:02 412k
FileIsosceles Triangle Formulas .pdf2023-01-16 17:02 616k
FileIsosceles Triangle Formulas .docx2023-01-23 18:33 411k
FileIsosceles Triangle Formulas .pdf2023-01-23 18:33 615k
FileIsosceles Triangle Formulas.docx2023-08-21 22:19 413k
FileIsosceles Triangle Formulas.pdf2023-08-21 22:19 568k
Filelakriskina_eskidonasca.pdf2023-08-21 22:18 2565k
FileLogical Moral and Spiritual Semantics.docx2023-08-21 22:19 18k
FileLogical Moral and Spiritual Semantics.pdf2023-08-21 22:19 73k
[TXT]mat_sci.html2022-05-29 18:33 9k
[IMG]math demon.png2022-10-12 22:31 1975k
[IMG]math symbols.png2024-03-24 20:07 2863k
[CMP]matsci flyers.zip2024-01-27 21:26 16266k
[TXT]my address (as of 2023).txt2022-12-12 20:08 1k
[IMG]neuromelanin.jpg2022-05-27 22:48 577k
Filenew meum property 2.PNG2022-09-20 21:00 73k
Filenew meum property.PNG2022-09-19 15:19 37k
Filenew theory on consciousness.PNG2022-12-07 22:12 43k
[SND]NITROUS O - Casena.wav2022-10-14 19:38 86159k
[SND]NITROUS O - Lacrisedalenadya.mp42022-08-03 18:04 216768k
[VID]NITROUS O - Lakaniskadona.avi2022-05-27 22:58 56838k
FileNoah Resume.docx2023-12-10 17:24 32k
FileNoah Resume.pdf2023-12-10 17:24 125k
[SND]odd silver rock.mp42022-05-27 22:51 2681k
FileOptically Universal Hologram.pptx2023-08-21 22:17 1004k
[IMG]particle physics electron inducing alloy suppositions.png2023-01-01 20:35 80k
[TXT]polycyclic ethers psa.txt2023-04-29 16:32 1k
[IMG]possible promet synth.png2023-04-19 18:52 24k
FilePostulate of Time, Space and Numbers.docx2023-09-02 00:36 24k
FilePostulate of Time, Space and Numbers.pdf2023-09-02 00:36 157k
[IMG]powers of numbers using infscale.jpg2022-07-23 09:36 28k
Fileprime numbers.PNG2022-11-21 11:50 90k
[IMG]psa about gas.png2022-11-25 17:00 92k
[SND]Rakaska 2.wav2022-10-14 20:27 330449k
FileRaksadsa.m4a2022-08-03 11:04 11540k
[IMG]raygun.jpg2022-05-27 22:46 35k
[CMP]recasting plasma experiment weight cut half by burning, 2nd cast.zip2023-06-27 20:07 56588k
[IMG]risks ive taken.png2023-04-19 20:37 79k
FileScientific Theories and Inventions.docx2024-03-24 08:24 3773k
FileScientific Theories and Inventions.pdf2024-03-24 08:24 2398k
FileSciTheoryInv - Lakinscadonasca translation.pdf2023-08-21 22:20 19825k
Fileselfie12023-01-01 19:33 71k
[IMG]selfie2.jpg2023-01-01 19:33 72k
[IMG]skin.jpg2022-05-27 22:46 66k
[IMG]Theoretical Equation Parameters for Graphing or Predicting a reality tensor-1...2023-08-21 22:03 905k
[IMG]Theoretical Equation Parameters for Graphing or Predicting a reality tensor-2...2022-11-21 11:50 230k
FileTheoretical Equation Parameters for Graphing or Predicting a reality tensor.docx2023-08-21 22:19 15k
FileTheoretical Equation Parameters for Graphing or Predicting a reality tensor.pdf2023-08-21 22:19 137k
Filethis book.docx2023-12-10 17:26 5287k
Filethis book.pdf2023-12-10 17:26 3553k
FileThis Story - A Puzzle.pdf2023-08-21 22:22 33497k
[TXT]thoughts on race, equality, fairness, moral and life.txt2022-09-15 23:38 5k
[IMG]time space and numbers.jpg2022-08-09 16:56 723k
[CMP]trig argument snapshot.zip2022-06-25 23:17 20531k
[IMG]trig benchmarks.png2023-05-12 19:32 348k
[SND]ultrapro rubberband challenge (lenestolaka escridene).mp42023-01-01 23:11 30890k
[TXT]UniqueSolution.cpp2022-05-27 22:45 29k
[IMG]ways my trig formulas help.png2023-08-21 22:03 386k
Filewenenone.flac2022-11-26 00:23 77212k
[IMG]why we live in three dimensions.png2023-04-21 19:53 123k
[IMG]xray.jpg2022-05-27 22:52 3446k
[IMG]xray2.jpg2022-05-27 22:52 1670k
[IMG]xray3.jpg2022-05-27 22:52 2534k
[IMG]xray4.jpg2022-05-27 22:52 1838k
[IMG]xray5.jpg2022-05-27 22:53 2725k
[IMG]xray6.jpg2022-05-27 22:52 459k
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