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A Little More About Me
I am a good guy. I have had a lot of experience. I love science and math. I never stop thinking about problems in a positive, creative and analytical manner. There's no good way to summarize me. I made my own language and the videos about how are in the Gallery section. I can't go anywhere without collecting rocks. I take long periods of vacancy in my work, sometimes focusing on other more standard career or schooling things, but then all of a sudden I get a big idea and I'm obsessed with it. This only works because, well; my ideas are usually really big and important when I start working on one. It seems to work really well in fact. I love to adventure outside and hike mountains and garden. I love to grow exotic plants. I am very friendly and have an excessively good sense of humor, often innocent but also very convoluted and smart. I make a lot of music, usually it is using electronic instruments with buttons and knobs or computer software I programmed. I programmed some software called WaveBricks and GOAVA and CSFigures that allow me to make music and music videos from molecular and mathematical data. Some of those videos are also in the gallery and so is a playlist for my music. In general, I'm really passionate smart and caring. I think a lot of people say I'm attractive. If you want to read a lot of things that are on my mind, read my book This Story- A Puzzle. Maybe read my novel, This Book. Both of them are in the Downloads page. Maybe if you want to know a more metaphysical, spiritual and personal side of me, read my book 'Friends in Death, Magic and Hexes' there on the Downloads page. Now, here are some pics of me ;)

me with my telescope!me with a salamander

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