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Hi! Nice to meet you. This is my site where you can learn about my work and art.

I am Eski, an artist, musician, novelist, plus an active inventing/theorizing mathematician and physics/chemistry scholar from USA.  I love gardening, hiking and collecting rocks. I do many other passionate things, such as having had invented my own language. I have provided a tutorial video series playlist on my Youtube on how you can, too. There are downloads on this site where you can find all my work, but I'd appreciate if you donate to me if you do not buy physical copies or downloads.

Skype: ESKI (

Instagram: eski1.197580734

I hope you follow my music and art, and join the Community Chat here on my website.

My Youtube and Tumblr are loaded with easy-access pics and videos of my music, rocks I dig and my recent whereabouts.

Guide to this website

Here is a list of the pages and their descriptions:

-Art, Music and Misc. Gallery: This page is updated regularly with my visual art, my Youtube videos and a playlist of my music. It's a page to open for entertainment and check back on for the most exciting content I've made.

-Science and Math: This page has a generalized overview of my work in science and math. Some of which are proven and effective, and I absolutely am pleased to announce that much of my work in math is provably going to change the world someday (whenever they are realized and recieved at large).

-Community Chat Box: This page has an embedded chatbox/shoutbox to leave messages and comments for me and other visitors, and to discuss anything you want. A cute, interesting and friendly place to connect.

-Store, Books and Merch: This page is where I have hardcovers and paperbacks plus ebooks of my textual adventures, as well as minerals I collect for sale on eBay from time to time and etc. The more money I make off my work and hobbies, the more I will produce. Aside from donations where I have the button below, this is my absolute most appreciated form of income. My heart and soul goes into my music, writings and productive passions.

-Blog: This is my Wordpress blog where you can read and comment on my most recent whereabouts and get details on things you just won't be able to read about me from elsewhere.

-About Eski: This page has some more personal and in-depth details about me.

-Downloads: This page is where you can download the digital things I've made, such as PDF and revisable document versions of my work for your and my interest and collaborations. Also will be included, a number of small video games and projects I've worked on and a few pieces of software and source code that are used to analyze scientific or mathematical data and, sometimes, to make art and music from them.

-Contact Eski / External Links: This page is where you can contact me and find my other stomping grounds on the web.

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